Tips for safe Backing
  1. Safe driving is mostly attitude - attitude- attitude
  2. Put macho, ego and humility in the glove box and leave them there
  3. Park & back defensively
  4. When in doubt- don’t back up
  5. Position yourself so you don’t have to back up if possible
  6. Don’t back up if you don’t have to
  7. While backing, you will always have a blind spot
  8. Every backing situation is different
  9. Plan backing to back the minimum distance possible
  10. Back toward the drivers side of the truck if possible
  11. Get out and look prior to backing
  12. Check for all types of obstacles - including overhead
  13. Back immediately after checking
  14. If you don’t have a back-up alarm, sound your horn before backing, and periodically while backing (may not be legal in some cases)
  15. Continually check mirrors on both sides while backing
  16. Use a spotter if possible
  17. Eliminate noise and distractions while backing (open window, cease irrelevant conversation, turn down: radios, CB’s, stereos, etc.)
  18. Back slowly in the lowest gear possible
  19. Start backing from a proper position
  20. Back into parking lot spaces; so you can drive out, or better yet, drive through; so you are facing out
  21. When parallel parking, leave enough room in front; so you don’t have to back up when exiting


Cornell Local Roads Program Tech Tip - 21 Tips For Safe Backing