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A trading card is a communication tool used to focus on a new or existing technology/product. The card should be eye catching and informative to spark a transportation stakeholder’s interest. The goal is this introductory information will lead to further investigation by the stakeholder into the innovation showcased. The trading cards are easy to create using a template document in Microsoft Publisher. Use one of the example cards provided and alter it for the technology you are showcasing. Go to File:Save As to save the trading card you are designing.
PaperUse Avery Template 5392 (name badges) 4” x 3”
Front of CardThis should spark the audience’s interest. Include a title at the top line and a brief blurb and/or a large picture of the technology. Color scheme can be varied. Use font size 8-12 depending on how much text is included.
Back of CardThe goal of the cards is to draw interest and then encourage the audience to follow-up on the web. Include the technology, its objective (what does it do?), assistance/further contact person or entity and a web link to explore.
QR Code A quick response (QR) code is a great addition so the audience can take their smart phone to scan the code to pull up the web page right away. There are several websites that allow users to create QR codes for free. Here is one example: The site allows you to download the code as a picture file. After saving the QR code you create, insert it using Publisher by going to insert: picture.
The template provided has been set to the correct dimensions. Use the information below to troubleshoot any alignment issues when you print.

In Publisher:
  • Click on tab “Page Design”
  • Click “Size, Click “Create New Page Size” and the window below will pop up (Page Setup).
  • Under Page put in 4” width, 3” height. Margins guides should all be 0.5 Side margin should be 0.25”, top margin 1”, horizontal gap 0”, vertical gap 0”
  • Click "OK"

When you are ready to print, load the paper. Ideally use a printer that can print double-sided. Then in Publisher select File:Print. Select multiple copies per sheet and make sure the quantity is 6. You will see the sheet appear in the print preview. The template has been adjusted for the paper to align the cards the best way possible. Click “layout options” under the print menu and make sure these settings are in place.
  • Make sure the print orientation is set to portrait
  • Enable printing on both sides to take place
  • You should see in the preview panel exactly how the printing will look, at the bottom you can also view the back of the card by clicking on the “back” button
Print, tear apart and you are ready to share trading cards with your local agencies.
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